What is BIS Registration Number? How to get one…

In India, there are definitely many people who want their products to be certified by the government. Additionally, they would like to know how to apply for BIS registration and what the process will be. Our mission is to help millions of Indians/foreigners sell their products in the Indian market with safety marks. The Government of India […]

WPC Certification Mandatory Products [All Products Details]

WPC Certification Mandatory Products

Are you looking for Mandatory Products required for WPC Certification? In this blog, we will tell you about WPC Certification Mandatory Products and provide you list of all the Details Products Mandatory for WPC Certification are: WPC Certification is required in all Wireless Products like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Here is the list of all categories […]

WPC Certification Requirements | Documents Required for ETA Certificate

WPC Certification Requirements | Documents Required for ETA Certificate

Are you concerned about the Documents required for WPC certification or ETA Certificate? Well, In this Post we will give you all information about the required documents and all the necessary details. If you attempt to import radio equipment into India without prior permission from WPC, the Customs officials will confiscate your equipment at customs. Radio […]