Taiwan: BSMI Certification for Information Technology Equipment

ICStask can provide valuable assistance in helping you obtaining the Taiwan: BSMI Certification, ensuring that you are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

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Call us or Schedule a Virtual Meeting with us to Examine the products covered by the Mandatory Certification Scheme.

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Submit the Application and all supporting documentation to BIS Section in our Portal

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Certificate is issued based on the officer's assessment of the premises and sample. Dont worry we have your back:)

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The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) requirements must be met by your products if your company wants to grow in Taiwan. The government body in charge of product inspection, metrology, and standardization in Taiwan is called BSMI. We will describe how ICStask product certification services can assist you in achieving BSMI compliance and growing your business in Taiwan in this article.

Taiwan: BSMI Certification for Information Technology Equipment

What is BSMI Certification.

Before products in some categories can be sold in Taiwan, they must first receive BSMI certification. This certification guarantees that your products adhere to the necessary BSMI standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), safety, and quality. In order to ensure that the product complies with all relevant standards, the certification process involves evaluating the product, including testing and inspection.

Importance of BSMI certification.

You can prove to your clients and other stakeholders that your products meet the safety, quality, and EMC standards established by the Taiwanese government by obtaining BSMI certification. Additionally, this compliance aids you in avoiding potential financial and legal repercussions of non-compliance, including fines and product recalls.

What Are the Advantages of ICStask Product Certification Services for BSMI?

At ICStask, we are aware of the difficulties involved with BSMI compliance and the effects it may have on your company. By using our product certification services, you can expand your business in Taiwan while ensuring that your products comply with BSMI requirements. We offer the following services:.

  • Expertise: The BSMI requirements and testing processes are well known to our team of seasoned professionals. We can help you with the certification procedure and offer you insightful advice to make sure your products meet the requirements.
  • Testing and Inspection: To make sure your products adhere to the pertinent BSMI requirements, we carry out stringent testing and inspection procedures. Our testing facilities are accredited by the BSMI, ensuring that our testing practices are acknowledged and approved by the Taiwanese government.
  • Customized Solutions: From pre-evaluation to post-certification services, we offer solutions that are specifically crafted to address your unique business needs. Our solutions are made to save you money and time while still enabling you to successfully obtain BSMI certification.

How to get Started?

Simply get in touch with us to discuss your unique needs if you’re interested in ICStask product certification services. In order to help you achieve BSMI compliance, our team will collaborate with you to fully grasp your business objectives and needs before developing a solution specifically for you.


For companies looking to grow in Taiwan, BSMI compliance is crucial. By collaborating with ICStask for product certification services, you can make sure that your products adhere to the necessary safety, quality, and EMC standards and effectively grow your business in Taiwan. To learn more about our product certification services and how we can assist you in achieving BSMI compliance, get in touch with us right away.

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