WPC Equipment Type Approval

Getting approvals for radio frequency products, especially for unlicensed radio products is not easy in India. ICS legal services provide you with competent expert advice by helping you craft your approval strategy so that you do not miss out on any crucial detail that is pivotal in getting in the good books of the authorities.

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Our planet has been transformed by radio transmission technology, but these instruments also hold a tightrope between people’s protection and environmental security. You can acquire your wireless items sanctioned by the government with the aid of the Wireless Planning and Coordination, a unit of the Department of Telecommunications of India. 

The task gets complicated at this point. You should be cognizant of certain frequency bands. The frequency bands that your item utilizes will decide if it necessitates an Equipment Type Approval (ETA) permit or a WPC India permit.

Nevertheless, due to the intricate intricacies of state communication, many individuals habitually file for permission even if it is not obligatory. Moreover, even though the licenses are of great value to them, some importers are negligent about them. The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of the Ministry of Telecommunication is a National Radio Regulatory Authority and also a part of that ministry. 

The WPC Office awards WPC Equipment Type Authorization (ETA) certificates for Wireless items to satisfy user demand for wireless techniques. Only wireless and Bluetooth IT products that abide by human safety norms and operate on either unlicensed or delicensed frequency bands are allowed to be sold in India.

WPC Equipment Type Approval
WPC Equipment Type Approval

What is WPC Equipment Type Approval?

The WPC ETA Approval/Certificate, which is issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) for the import of wireless products, is one of the most crucial permissions in India. Unfortunately, very few individuals know about it due to the government’s disinclination to publicize it. We want to make a difference in this. This article seeks to give you a brief breakdown of the WPC License process’s intricacies in India. Before a ETA can be attained, an esteemed laboratory must attest that the apparatus it acquired has gone through comprehensive testing.

Besides a WPC ETA documentation or permit, gadgets that utilize Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must likewise have an Import Authorization or other import clearance before they can be commercialized in India.

Importance of WPC ETA Certificate:

Customs agents will confiscate your gear if you attempt to transport radio gadgets into India without obtaining prior sanction from WPC. Walkie-talkies, RC cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, RC helicopters, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth gadgets, ZigBee devices, and other radio apparatus must receive WPC endorsement before they can be imported into India. Numerous people still suppose that the import and export code is all that is needed to bring something into India. When their freight is impeded at an airport or seaport, they soon detect that something is amiss.

Without it, it is difficult to obtain a WPC ETA/Import authorization.

Who can apply for WPC Equipment Type approval (ETA)?

  • Indian manufacturers and importers can apply for an ETA certificate themselves or authorize us (ICS) to do so.
  • Foreign producers can delegate us (ICS) as a regional agent in India who can secure an ETA certificate on their behalf since they are not capable of applying for one on their own.

A Equipment Type Endorsement (ETA) is essential for the importation of radio devices into India. From the WPC department, you must secure this approval. Goods that make use of delicensed frequency bands and are not WPC authenticated must have ETA permissions.

How to get WPC Equipment Type approval/ETA Certificate?

Gaining WPC accreditation necessitates the following three steps:

  • To access the WPC website, an Indian sign-in ID has to be generated.
  • Present the vital documents coupled with the product’s evaluation outcomes.
  • Once the delivery is done, WPC authorities will analyse the forms that were presented prior to conferring the applicant’s ETA license.

How ICStask can help you?

Getting approvals for radio frequency products, especially for unlicensed radio products is not easy in India. Be it for manufacturers or importers. The main issue here is that the testing and ratings based on various criteria such as security measures, public safety and technical competency of the product take a lot of time and this delay can cost you monetarily.

ICS legal services provide you with competent expert advice by helping you craft your approval strategy so that you do not miss out on any crucial detail that is pivotal in getting in the good books of the authorities.

If you don’t want to

– Face losses due to delays in approvals

– Pay heavy fines due to rejections based on flimsy/vague grounds

– Workout your product strategy etc. once again. 



What is WPC approval?

Approval for Equipment Type (ETA) is usually referred to as WPC Approval. Unlicensed Wireless and Bluetooth products must adhere to this rule, as the frequency band falls under the range defined by WPC. It may also be necessary to obtain an import license directly from WPC, along with ETA, to import the product. In order to obtain Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for their product operating in these frequency bands, WPC Registration requires RF (Radio Frequency) test reports. Following that, the importer has to obtain an import license separately based on the ETA grant letter. The WPC has to approve the import of any wireless device that uses a de-licensed frequency band before it can be imported into India. The WPC shall also require an ETA for each device manufactured in India.

What is a WPC license?

Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a section under the Department of Telecommunications within the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India. Amateur radio licenses are issued by the department along with spectrum allocations and frequency monitoring.

Why is a WPC license required?

Any radio equipment, such as walkie-talkies, RC cars/boats, drones, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices, etc., must be approved by WPC prior to importation into India. Without permission from the WPC, Customs will confiscate any radio equipment imported into India. For all WLAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other wireless devices in India, the WPC certification is mandatory for Importers, Exporters and Manufacturers.

Which products covered under WPC (Equipment Type Approval) ETA?

All the Wireless products are covered under Equipment Type Approval (ETA) which works on de-licensed/unlicensed frequency bands.

Foreign Manufacturers can apply directly for WPC ETA?

No, they can`t apply directly. Foreign manufacturer needs to appoint a local applicant who can get certificate on their behalf.

Manufacturers can apply with the global RF Test reports?

Yes, manufacturers can apply with the global RF Test reports with required parameters.

All the wireless products are covered under WPC ETA?

No, products which work on de-licensed/unlicensed frequency bands are covered under WPC ETA.

WPC needs any marking/labelling on the product?

No, there is no marking/labelling requirements by the WPC.

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