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Getting approvals for radio frequency products, especially for unlicensed radio products is not easy in India. ICS legal services provide you with competent expert advice by helping you craft your approval strategy so that you do not miss out on any crucial detail that is pivotal in getting in the good books of the authorities.

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Wireless radio products have revolutionized our world, but are also sensitive when it comes to natural security and general public safety. The Wireless Planning and Coordination, which is a branch of the Department of Telecommunications of India, the central accreditation service that can help you to get your wireless products approved by the body.

It’s at this point that the process becomes complicated.

There are certain frequency bands to be aware of. Your product may or may not require an Equipment Type Approval (ETA) license or a WPC India certificate, depending on which frequency bands it operates in. In spite of this, because of the confusing process of government notification, many people tend to apply even when they don’t need to. Additionally, some importers ignore their licenses’ importance despite their importance to them.

In addition to being a National Radio Regulatory Authority, the Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) is a Wing of the Ministry of Communication. While satisfying the needs of the wireless technology consumers, the WPC Office issues WPC Equipment Type Approval (ETA) licenses for Wireless products. The sale of wireless and Bluetooth IT products that operate on unlicensed or Delicensed frequency bands and meet human safety regulations is only allowed in India with WPC ETA approval.

WPC ETA Approval


What is WPC Equipment Type Approval?

One of the most important permits in India is the WPC ETA Approval/Certificate, which is issued by the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) for the import of wireless products. Unfortunately, due to the government’s lack of interest in spreading the word, very few people are aware of it.

This is something we aim to change. Our goal in this article is to reveal to you, in brief, the intricacies of the WPC License process in India.

A well-recognized laboratory must certify that the equipment acquired from it has undergone detailed tests before an ETA can be obtained. When selling electronic devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies in India, these devices must have a WPC ETA Certificate/license and after that an Import License/Import permission is also needed.

Importance of WPC ETA Certificate:

If you attempt to import radio equipment into India without prior permission from WPC, the Customs officials will confiscate your equipment at the Custom. Radio equipment such as walkie-talkies, helicopters, RC cars, drones, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth devices, and ZigBee, etc., will require permission from WPC before they can be imported into India.

WPC ETA Approval

Even today, many people are under the impression that all you need for importing in India is the import and export code. The only time they realize that they are missing something is when their products are stopped at the airport or seaport. It is difficult to obtain a WPC ETA/Import license without it.

Who can apply for WPC Equipment Type approval (ETA)?

  • Indian Manufacturers/Importers can apply for ETA certificate on their name or appoint us (ICS) to get ETA Certificate on their behalf.
  • Foreign Manufacturers can`t apply for ETA certificate directly they can appoint us (ICS) as a Local representative in India who can get ETA certificate on their behalf.

For the importation of wireless devices in India, an Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is required. This approval shall be obtained from the WPC department. ETA certificates are required for products that operate in delicensed frequency bands and are not certified by WPC.

How to get WPC Equipment Type approval/ETA Certificate?

There are three steps to get your product certified by WPC:

  • Need to create a login id India on WPC portal.
  • Submit the required documents long with the test report of the product
  • .After submission done, WPC officials will verify the submitted documents and then issue the ETA certificate to the applicant. 

How ICStask can help you?

Getting approvals for radio frequency products, especially for unlicensed radio products is not easy in India. Be it for manufacturers or importers. The main issue here is that the testing and ratings based on various criteria such as security measures, public safety and technical competency of the product take a lot of time and this delay can cost you monetarily.

ICS legal services provide you with competent expert advice by helping you craft your approval strategy so that you do not miss out on any crucial detail that is pivotal in getting in the good books of the authorities.

If you don’t want to

– Face losses due to delays in approvals

– Pay heavy fines due to rejections based on flimsy/vague grounds

– Workout your product strategy etc. once again. 


What is WPC approval?

Approval for Equipment Type (ETA) is usually referred to as WPC Approval. Unlicensed Wireless and Bluetooth products must adhere to this rule, as the frequency band falls under the range defined by WPC. It may also be necessary to obtain an import license directly from WPC, along with ETA, to import the product. In order to obtain Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for their product operating in these frequency bands, WPC Registration requires RF (Radio Frequency) test reports. Following that, the importer has to obtain an import license separately based on the ETA grant letter. The WPC has to approve the import of any wireless device that uses a de-licensed frequency band before it can be imported into India. The WPC shall also require an ETA for each device manufactured in India.

What is a WPC license?

Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a section under the Department of Telecommunications within the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India. Amateur radio licenses are issued by the department along with spectrum allocations and frequency monitoring.

Why is a WPC license required?

Any radio equipment, such as walkie-talkies, RC cars/boats, drones, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices, etc., must be approved by WPC prior to importation into India. Without permission from the WPC, Customs will confiscate any radio equipment imported into India. For all WLAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other wireless devices in India, the WPC certification is mandatory for Importers, Exporters and Manufacturers.

Which products covered under WPC (Equipment Type Approval) ETA?

All the Wireless products are covered under Equipment Type Approval (ETA) which works on de-licensed/unlicensed frequency bands.

Foreign Manufacturers can apply directly for WPC ETA?

No, they can`t apply directly. Foreign manufacturer needs to appoint a local applicant who can get certificate on their behalf.

Manufacturers can apply with the global RF Test reports?

Yes, manufacturers can apply with the global RF Test reports with required parameters.

All the wireless products are covered under WPC ETA?

No, products which work on de-licensed/unlicensed frequency bands are covered under WPC ETA.

WPC needs any marking/labelling on the product?

No, there is no marking/labelling requirements by the WPC.
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