WPC Certification Mandatory Products [All Products Details]

WPC Certification Mandatory Products

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Are you looking for Mandatory Products required for WPC Certification? In this blog, we will tell you about WPC Certification Mandatory Products and provide you list of all the Details

Products Mandatory for WPC Certification are:

WPC Certification is required in all Wireless Products like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Here is the list of all categories that your products can fall into:

  • Antennas
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Transceiver
  • Radio sets

The frequency List which requires WPC (ETA) Approval in India:

Unlicensed Frequency Ranges (India)Application/Specifications
50-200 kHzVery low-power devices
13553-13567 kHzVery low-power radio frequency devices, indoor only
26.957 MHz-27.283 MHzLow-power wireless equipment (max. Effective Radiated Power of 5, watts)
335 MHzLow-power wireless equipment for the remote control of cranes
402-405 MHzMedical RF wireless devices (max. radiated power of 25 microwatts) with channel emission bandwidth within 300 kHz
865-867 MHz• Low-power wireless device (max transmitter power of 1 watt-4 watts Effective Radiated Power) with 200 kHz carrier bandwidth
• Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) (MTP of 1 watt-4 watt ERP) with 200 kHz carrier bandwidth
2400 MHz-2483.5 MHzLow-power wireless equipment (e.g. Wi-Fi) (max. transmitter output power of 1 watt-4 watt ERP) with spectrum spread of 10 MHz or higher
5150 MHz-5350 MHzLow power equipment for Wireless Access Systems (max. mean Effective Isotropic Radiated Power of 200 mW and max. mean Effective Isotropic Radiated Power density of 10 mW/M Hz in any 1 MHz bandwidth) indoor only
5725 MHz-5825 MHzLow-power equipment for Wireless Access Systems (MMELRP of 200 mW and MM EIRP density of 10 mW/M Hz in any 1 MHz bandwidth) indoor only
5825 MHz- 5875 MHzLow power equipment (MTOP of 1 watt-4 watts ERPower) with a spectrum spread of 10 MHz or higher
Source: CIS India

How to get WPC Equipment Type approval/ETA Certificate?

There are three steps to get your product certified by WPC:

  1. Need to create a login id in India on the WPC portal.
  2. 1Submit the required documents along with the test report of the product
  3. After the submission is done, WPC officials will verify the submitted documents and then issue the ETA certificate to the applicant.

How ICStask can help you?

Getting approvals for radio frequency products, especially for unlicensed radio products is not easy in India. Be it for manufacturers or importers. The main issue here is that the testing and ratings based on various criteria such as security measures, public safety, and technical competency of the product take a lot of time and this delay can cost you monetarily.

ICS legal services provide you with competent expert advice by helping you craft your approval strategy so that you do not miss out on any crucial detail that is pivotal in getting in the good books of the authorities.

If you don’t want to

– Face losses due to delays in approvals

– Pay heavy fines due to rejections based on flimsy/vague grounds

– Work out your product strategy etc. once again.

Read more about WPC ETA Approval for clear understanding!

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